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Enecsys US

39684 Eureka Drive
Newark, CA 94560
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Michael J. Fister (8/31/2011)
President/COO/Operations: Kevin Busby
Technology: Paul Garrity (6/17/2010) ; Srinivas K. Raman

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) George Coelho (Good Energies Partner) Bart Markus (Wellington Partners Partner) Simon Drury (CCC Private Equity Fund Partner)
Former outside board: Mossadiq S. Umedaly (Wellington Partners Venture Partner) G. A. J. Amaratunga (Cambridge University) Erik Schou-Pedersen (BankInvest Managing Partner)

Business description: Enecsys Limited was founded in 2003 and the patented technology was originally developed at Cambridge University. The company develops, manufacturers, and markets world-leading, highly reliable, grid-connected solar micro inverters and monitoring systems for residential and commercial photovoltaic systems that offer an outstanding value proposition. The micro inverter maximizes energy harvest and converts the DC power from each solar module into quality AC power for supply to the electricity grid. The advantages of Enecsys solar micro inverters include: maximized energy harvest, improved safety, increased lifetime and reliability, enhanced performance monitoring, and simplified PV array design and installation. The monitoring system tracks, in real-time, the performance of each solar module and transmits the information through a robust built-in wireless communication system that connects to the Internet. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the company also has sales and support offices in Bad Homburg, Germany and in Redwood Shores, California.

Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings: Nov 2009
Capital raised: 14.0M
Last Round: 14.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Wellington Partners ;  BankInvest Group

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Record updated: Apr 2015
Sector: Clean Technology
Year Founded: 2003
Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings: Nov 2009
Capital Raised: 14.0M
Last Round: 14.0M
Ownership: Private