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3979 Freedom Circle, Suite 540
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Jeffrey Hausman (7/31/2014)
President/COO/Operations: James Kleckner (9/30/2011)
Finance: John Beck (7/31/2015)
Technology: Carl Waldspurger ; Irfan Ahmad (7/31/2014) ; Xiaojun Liu (2011)
Customer Service: RJ Vissers

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Jeb Miller (Icon Ventures General Partner) Robin Vasan (Mayfield Fund Managing Director) Michael Abbott (Kleiner Perkins General Partner)

Business description: CloudPhysics was founded to solve the difficult issues you face in your datacenters right now. We think datacenters of today are woefully inefficient, both in terms of machine and human cost. Our mission is to leverage the world's IT data knowledge about virtualized systems, and use that to transform computing. That's why our servers receive a daily stream of 80+ billion samples of configuration, performance, failure and event data from our global user base with 20+ trillion data points total, and still growing. By monitoring, analyzing and learning from big data, CloudPhysics' Collective Intelligence gives you an unprecedented level of insight into how to structure your virtualized IT. We empower your organization to drive operations excellence using actionable analytics from a Google-size data set. To leverage our platform and tap the wisdom of the community, we're creating an ecosystem of IT apps we call 'cards.' Created by CloudPhysics as well as the IT community, our cards not only provide us with valuable data on how to better manage datacenters, but also will lead to 'new thinking' that will advance systems management for everyone.

Rounds: 3
Capital raised: 27.5M
Last Round: 15.0M
Ownership: Private  

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Record updated: Feb 2017
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2011
Headcount: 11-25 as of Aug 2013
Rounds: 3
Capital Raised: 27.5M
Last Round: 15.0M
Ownership: Private