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225 Bush St., Suite 1840
San Francisco, CA 94104
Website Company Summary Management Team

General Management: Kevin Kang (11/30/2012)
Finance: Daniel Sanford (5/31/2013) ; Anne M. Myong (3/23/2020)
Technology: Chris Motes (11/30/2018) ; Michael Kepe (1/31/2015) ; Scott Alexander (11/30/2017) ; Randy Wong
General Counsel/Legal: Dryden Liddle ; Sven Kaludzinski

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Dean Florez (California State Senator) Oskar Miel (Rakuten FinTech Fund Managing Partner) David Coppel (Coppel Group VP Commercial Strategy) Luis Ubiñas (Pan American Development Foundation President of the Board of Trustees) Rick Heitzmann (FirstMark Managing Director) Clint Peterson (Peterson Ventures Managing Partner)
Former outside board: Art Shaw (RepairPal CEO) David Golden (Code Advisors Former Executive Chairman) Dan Carroll (Brooklands Capital Strategies Founding Partner)
Former advisory board: Manolo Sanchez (Compass Bank CEO/Chairman)

Business description: Aura is a white label loan origination and investing platform that enables any brand to lend to its customers and any accredited investor to invest in consumer loan portfolios. Aura was born out of our realization that banks will not be the lenders of tomorrow – brands will. Traditional banks, saddled with new rules and regulation, are no longer in the business of taking risk and making loans and cannot be relied on to deliver credit access and opportunity to the masses. Instead, tomorrow's lenders will be media companies, retailers and prominent brands that have deep relationships with their customers and want to step in to help their customers get a fair loan. But, to do it right, they need scoring, servicing, technology and capital — all of which are expensive and difficult to build. So, why build it if you don’t have to? This is the future of lending. Any brand or company can be a lender. We've launched "Lending as a Service" (LaaS) to power this transformation. Aura was also born out of our belief that access to affordable and fairly priced loans is opportunity, and that access to opportunity should not be limited to people with high incomes and FICO scores. Personally, it pains me to read about working class people spending $4,500 to buy a $1,500 couch because they have no other options. I founded Progreso Financiero in 2005 to solve this problem for the Hispanic population. We did an amazing job revolutionizing credit access to hundreds of thousands of Hispanic families at affordable rates and with low losses. But, why stop there? Aura is an expansion of the belief that all people deserve access to affordable loans based on more than their credit score and whether or not they have a banking relationship. Our LaaS model enables us to partner with brands that have national reach online and across thousands of branches so we can improve the lives of millions while also raising the bar on lending and opportunity in America.

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Jun 2019
Capital raised: 85.5M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Prudential Financial Revolution ;  JefferiesAndCompany;  Accelerator Ventures FirstMark Capital Peterson Ventures ;  Serengeti Asset Management;  Atalaya Capital Management Leap Global Partners

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Record updated: Jul 2020
Sector: Internet
Headcount: 601-700 as of Mar 2020
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Jun 2019
Capital Raised: 85.5M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Private