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1182 Market Street Suite 425
San Francisco, CA 94102
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Jonathan Dahl (12/31/2015)
President/COO/Operations: Salman Kothari (9/30/2018)
General Management: Adam Brown (1/31/2016) ; Matt McClure (1/31/2016)
Finance: Jaime Ortiz (1/31/2021)
Technology: Steve Heffernan
Sales/Marketing: Eric Elia ; Rachel Belkin
Business Development: Cyril Duprat
Customer Service: Roni Feldsher
Former Employees: Mark Wolf


Business description: Mux provides API-based video streaming tooling and analytics. Mux is building the future of online video infrastructure. We started off by building Mux Data, a best-in-class performance analytics tool that’s trusted by developers at companies like PBS, Vimeo, and the CBSi. Billions of monitored streams later, we launched Mux Video, a simple API to video hosting, encoding, and streaming. Take any video file or live stream and make it play beautifully at scale on any device, powered by magical-feeling features like automatic thumbnails, animated gifs, and data-driven encoding decisions.
Customers include: Hopin Robinhood VSCO ;  SoulCycle

Rounds: 6
Recent Fundings: Apr 2021   Aug 2020
Capital raised: 175.0M
Last Round: 105.0M
Ownership: Private  
Angels/other VCs: Bob Cohn (Sequoia Capital)
Other investors: eMotion

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Record updated: Apr 2021
Sector: Information Technology
Year Founded: 2015
Headcount: 76-100 as of Apr 2021
Rounds: 6
Recent Fundings: Apr 2021   Aug 2020
Capital Raised: 175.0M
Last Round: 105.0M
Ownership: Private