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Capella Microsystems

2361 Calle Del Mundo
Santa Clara, CA 95054
408 727 8500
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Cheng Chung Shih (2004)
President/COO/Operations: Lou Louty
Finance: Lily Hsueh
Sales/Marketing: Chien Bill; John Chiang; Yang Powei
Not listed on the website: (May no longer be at the company) Ing-Jye Lan*;  Joe Kua*

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Tai Jhong-he (Acer President/CEO)

Business description: Capella designs, develops, and markets high-speed, high-performance analog and analog/digital mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs) for optical systems. In other words, we turn light into analog and digital signals. Currently we are focused on the optical storage arena with DVD and related front-end products. Capella is a fabless design company with solid, established relationships to several foundries for its wafer requirements, including a strategic alliance with one of the major foundry companies in Taiwan. Catching light is what Capella Microsystems, Inc. (CMI) is all about. Fittingly, 2001 is also the year Capella will go on our greatest odyssey–popularizing the CMOS PDIC. With a unique approach to development that leverages our optical expertise, we plan to enter other areas including fiber optic communications, power electronics, and virtually anywhere a photonic IC can be utilized.
Partners include: TSMC

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Oct 2004
Capital raised: 10.0M
Last Round: 6.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: InveStar Capital

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Record updated: Oct 2008
Sector: Storage
Year Founded: 2000
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Oct 2004
Capital Raised: 10.0M
Last Round: 6.0M
Ownership: Private