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The Strategic Venture Association is an organization dedicated to the needs of the corporate investing and strategic partnering community. The Association’s goal is to bring together professionals to educate, inform and collaborate with each other around topics core to the group’s interests. Given the current market conditions, the importance of working with external organizations to seek innovation, partnerships and investment opportunities has never been greater and the SVA is optimally positioned to enable this for its members. In corporate venturing or strategic partnering, corporations can discover new opportunities for growth not easily attainable with internal resources. Innovation and new business creation has become central to achieving the strategic and financial objectives of market champions. Investing in promising new technologies and emerging markets has become a vital component of corporate strategies in the new economy. Partnerships between small innovative firms and large corporation are mutually beneficial and highly sought after. While entrepreneurial companies can identify technology and market opportunities and move faster to capitalize on them, they can achieve enormous leverage through technology and distribution agreements with large global corporations. The SVA is interested in facilitating the identification of these new opportunities to invest in and partner with innovative firms, both large and small.

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