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One Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
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Former Management Team:  Alexander Klepadlo Eric Elia Jack Sallay
Business Description

Brightcove is an Internet TV platform/network that allows content makers to monetize their content with ad revenues. The site has two different content makers in mind, independents and established media entities. Brightcove provides different distribution and monetization solutions that work for both. Brightcove offers two main kinds of distribution to its content makers. Content makers can allow their content to be placed on blogs and websites free of charge, which increases their reach and drives traffic, or they can license their content to be used how the buyer sees fit. Both CBS News and Fox have made deals with Brightcove. As for ad revenues, content makers can also go about it in two ways. They can allow Brightcove to place ads in their content and share half of the revenues or they can pay a fee so they can inject their own ads without sharing revenues with Brightcove. Brightcove allows content makers to completely brand their Brightcove platforms so all they’re using is the underlying Brightcove technology. This allows the content makers to have complete control over how their content is branded. Content makers can use the Brightcove platform as a supplement to their existing content, for instance to add videos to a news site, or as their only content platform. A lot of Internet TV sites, like, are using it as their only content platform. Video is the most popular published content but video isn’t the only thing Brightcove broadcasts. Content makers can also create and publish content like slideshows, podcasts and audio. Brightcove was founded in early 2004. Competitors include PermissionTV, VideoEgg, YouTube, Joost, and Ooyala
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