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Driftr is a new travel social network. With a sleek and simple web interface, Driftr lets users detail past trips or those in progress, ranking places to eat, places to stay and attractions. It includes a blog for each day of the trips users create. Driftr appears to have hundreds of thousands of locations built in when creating trips; users can add their own if it’s not listed already. To set themselves apart from the crowd, Driftr uses a custom-made world map instead of the standard Google Maps mashup. The site’s advertising is minimal and allows users to upload pictures associated with various parts of theirs trips or pulled up from Flickr. Driftr showcases these pictures with slideshows throughout the site. The web travel industry is competitive with sites like Plazes, TripAdvisor, and Dopplr. Expect Driftr to come out with some great features to help differentiate themselves from the slew of competitors.
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Record updated: Nov 2008
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