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Groupon  (Stock symbol: GRPN ) Acquired by MashLogic (2013  amount undisclosed)

600 W. Chicago Ave Suite 725
Chicago, IL 60610
312 676 5773
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Mark Johnson (Chief Data Officer) Jay Sullivan (SVP Product) Brian Totty (SVP Engineering & Operations) David Jesse (VP Product) Ken Pelletier (CTO) Zack Steinkamp (developer) Aaron Cooper (SVP Customer Marketing) Darren Schwartz (SVP Sales)

Board: Ted Leonis (AOL vice chairman emeritus)Howard Schultz (Starbucks President/CEO)Peter Barris (NEA) Kevin Efrusy (Accel General Partner) Brad Keywell (MediaBank Founder) Eric Lefkofsky (Groupon co-Founder)
Business Description

Groupon (Group + Coupon) is a spin off of a Chicago-based Internet company called The Point ( We leverage The Point’s existing business model of social change through collective action and apply it to group purchases. We offer one deal for something fun to do or buy at a great discount each day. Businesses in and around Chicago will offer a limited-time only special on Groupon ( that will be good for 1 day. In order for the deal to become “active” a certain number of users must join and pledge to buy the special offered on Groupon. Once the deal reaches the tipping point, the deal is done and each consumer gets the special. If the tipping point is not reached, the company gets free advertising on for 24 hours. It is completely risk free for businesses. They get exposure, potentially a number of new customers, and only owe Groupon a marketing fee if the deal tips and product is sold. Compared to traditional advertising that costs businesses regardless if the marketing campaign is successful or not, Groupon is a great alternative. Additionally, Groupon’s business model is conducive to starting viral marketing in multiple social circles. Remember, the deal is only good if a specific number of people decide to buy. So, all interested parties are incentivized to send the deal to their friends, family, and coworkers.
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Record updated: Mar 2011
Ownership: Acquired by MashLogic (2013  amount undisclosed)
Stock Symbol: GRPN