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Time Warner  (Stock symbol: TWX )

One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Jeff Bewkes (CEO/Chairman) Gregory Coleman (Division President) Edward Adler (Executive VP);  Paul Cappuccio (Executive VP);  Patricia Fili-Krushel (Executive VP);  Carol Melton (Executive VP);  Olaf Olafsson (Executive VP);  Jeffrey Bewkes (Chairman of the Board);  John Martin (CFO)

Board: Paul Wachter (Time Warner Director)
Business Description

Time Warner Inc. is a leading global media and entertainment company with best-in-class businesses in filmed entertainment, interactive services, television networks, cable systems and publishing. Whether measured by quality, popularity or financial results, our divisions are at the top of their categories. America Online, Time Inc., Time Warner Cable, Home Box Office, New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. Entertainment maintain unrivaled reputations for creativity and excellence as they keep people informed, entertained and connected.
Customer on 95  Companies

ActiveVideo Networks Adeze [Warner Brothers];  AdSpace Networks [Warner Bros.];  Adteractive [Time];  Age Wave CommunicationsAllied TelesisAmpex Data Systems [HBO];  Ampex Data Systems [Warner Bros.];  AnswerLab [Turner Broadcast];  Atomz [Warner Bros.];  Beckon [Warner Bros.];  BetterUp [Warner Bros.] BigPanda [Turner Broadcasting];  BitPass [Time];  BitTorrent [Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group] Blazent [Warner Bros.];  Bunchball [Warner Bros.];  Check Point Software TechnologiesClearStory Data [Turner Broadcasting];  Clearwell Systems Clickability [];  ConnectInc.comConviva [HBO];  Conviva [Turner Broadcasting];  Coveroo [Warner Bros.];  Crowd Factory [Warner Bros.];  Crowd Factory [HBO];  Crowdcast [Warner Bros.];  Dantz Development Corporation [Warner Brothers Animation];  Dantz Development Corporation [Time Magazine];  Determine [HBO];  Determine [Warner Bros. Studios];  DETERMINE Software [HBO];  DETERMINE Software [Warner Bros. Studios];  Digital Fountain [Warner Brothers];  Dolby LaboratoriesElastic [Warner Brothers];  Emmperative [Time Magazine];  enLighted [Turner Broadcasting];  Entercept Security Technologies [Time Magazine]; [HBO];  ExaProtect [Turner Broadcasting];  FreeWheel [Turner Broadcasting Systems];  FutureTel Digital ImagingGlobalCenterGoldenGate SoftwareGoLive Systems [Warner Brothers Records];  Goodmail Systems [Time Inc. Magazines] Ikonic Interactiveipsh! [HBO];  KollectiveKruxLikeMinds [HBO];  Linkscape Software [Warner Brothers];  Liquid Audio [Warner Brothers];  LiveWorld [HBO];  LiveWorld [Warner Bros.];  MarkMonitorMetablocks [HBO];  Milyoni [Warner Brothers];  Mondo Media [Warner Brothers Online];  Movaris [Time];  MultiGen-ParadigmNet6 [Time];  NetGravityNetGravity [Turner Broadcast];  Omneon [Turner Broadcasting System, Latin American networks] Ooyala [Warner Bros.];  OpenTV [Time Warner Cable Systems] Pix Systems [Warner Bros. Pictures];  Pixar Animation Studios [Warner Digital];  Quantcast [Time];  RackWare [HBO];  Replicon Software [Turner Broadcasting];  Sanctum [HBO];  Secure ComputingSegment [Time Magazine] SnapTell [HBO];  SteelEye Technology [Turner Broadcasting Systems];  SyntheSys Research [HBO];  thisMoment [Time] Tidal Software [Warner Bros.];  Tiny [Warner Brothers];  Tiny [Turner Broadcasting];  Tribal Planet [Warner Bros.];  Tricentis [HBO]; [Time];  Visier [Time];  Wild Brain [HBO];  Wild Brain [Warner Brothers];  Wily Technology [Time Magazine];  Workday Wowzer [Turner Broadcasting];  Yaga [Time Magazine];  Zuora [HBO]
Partner on 29  Companies

@Home Network2Wire3DOAdifyAudioBasket [];  Berkeley Systems [Warner Brothers];  BitTorrent [Warner Bros. Television Shows and Films] BookfaceCallTower [Time Warner Telecom];  Confoti [HBO];  Crystal Dynamics [HBO];  Delivery Agent [HBO] Dotcomix [Warner Brothers];  Double FusioneBay [Warner Brothers Online];  Glu Mobile [Warner Bros. Digital Distribution] Google Intel [Turner Broadcasting] Kika Tech [Warner Bros.];  LimeLife [Time] LiquidSeats [Warner Bros. Pictures];  LuxN [Time Warner Telecom];  Mecon [HBO]; [Time Warner Telecom] OpenTVTiVo [Warner Home Video];  TiVo [HBO];  Tivo(acquired) [HBO] Wink Communications
Investor on  33  Companies

3DOArroyo Video Solutions [Time Warner Investments];  Atom Entertainment [Warner Brothers];  Attributor [Turner Broadcasting];  AudioBasketBroadLogic Network Technologies [Time Warner Investments];  Caavo [Time Warner Investments] Chute [Turner Broadcasting];  Conviva [Time Warner Investments] CrowdStar Crystal DynamicsCrystal Dynamics [HBO];  DiscordDynamic Signal [Time Warner Investments] Exent TechnologiesGaia OnlineGlu MobileIGN EntertainmentiSocketJoyus [Time Warner Investments];  Kamcord Kosmix Krux [Time Warner Investments] Mahi NetworksMeebo [Time Warner Investments];  Netscape CommunicationsOnLive [Warner Brothers];  Philo [HBO];  Samba TV SkyPilot Networks [Time Warner Investments];  Trion Worlds Tumri [Time Warner Investments] Videogram [Turner Broadcasting]
Acquirer on  3  Companies

Bleacher Report Brandcast [Time] Flixster [Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group]

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Record updated: Sep 2010
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: TWX