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2595 Junction Avenue #200
San Jose, CA 95134
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Management: Andrew Mills (President/CEO);  Michael Stolowitz (CTO);  Don Clegg (VP Marketing);  Bobby Sabhlok (VP Sales)

Business description: NetCell is a privately held fabless semiconductor company that develops host adapter storage acceleration silicon devices for the ATA and SATA host bus adapter, server, PC, workstation and embedded storage markets. Using a unique patented architecture for writing and reading from multiple disk drives in parallel, a new level of product is being developed that advances the state of the art for mainstream hard drive storage applications, at a fraction of today's cost. SyncRAID is a desktop or small business server RAID technology based on NetCell's synchronous approach for reading and writing off-the-shelf ATA or SATA hard disk drives. Not only is it the first single chip 32 or 64 bit RAID word-stripe based solution, offering extremely high throughput, it also offers users a far more practical approach to protecting striped hard disks from single drive failures without the configuration hassles associated with typical RAID 5 products available in the market today. SyncRAID provides a viable and more cost effective alternative to RAID 10 or 0+1 as only a single disk drive is required to protect 2 or more drives.
Partners include:;  DandH;  Mac Hardware Expertise;  PNY Technologies;

Rounds: 2
Recent fundings: May 2004
Capital raised: 20.7M
Last Round: 13.7M
Ownership: Private  
Corporate investors: TI Ventures

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Record updated: Jun 2005
Sector: Semiconductor
Year Founded: 1988
Rounds: 2
Recent fundings: May 2004
Capital raised: 20.7M
Last Round: 13.7M
Ownership: Private