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Pay By Touch

101 Second Street, Suite 1100
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 281-2200
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: John Rogers (CEO/Chairman);  Ron Carter (Division President)John Costello (Division President);  Gus Spanos (EVP Corporate Development);  Don McNelley (SVP Global Risk & Operations);  Steven Yecies (SVP GM);  Drew Hyatt (Division SVP);  Mike Orman (Sr. VP);  Tim Robinson (Division EVP);  Bill Townsend (Executive VP);  Donn Wilson (Executive VP);  Robert Ziegler (Sr. VP);  Robert M. Sigler (CFO)Larry Hollowood (Chief Security Officer);  Caroline McNally (EVP Brand Strategy);  Brian Miller (EVP Strategic Alliances);  Scott Plumblee (SVP Sales);  Mike Vickery (SVP Alliances);  Judy Nelson (SVP HR);  Steve Zelinger (General Counsel) Bob Goldberg (EVP Customer Experience)
Outside board: Stuart Moore (Sapient co-Founder) William Newsom (Newsom Associates President);  Arthur J. Petrie (Petrie Development Company Chairman);  Jack Penrod (McDonald's);  Eula Adams (First Data Corporation);  Alex F. Hern (SVIC)

Business description: Pay By TouchTM is a service that allows you to pay for purchases in one easy step. It uses a simple method of finger imaging to link you to your financial data without the need to carry cash, credit or debit cards, loyalty cards or checks. Transactions can take place on cell phones, palm pilots and other hand held devices. Whether it’s on the Internet, over wireless networks, or at retail stores, Pay By Touch makes electronic payment as easy as the touch of a finger.
Customers include: Farm Fresh ;  Lowe's Pay and Save ;  Oxford;  Pathmark ;  Piggly Wiggly;  Swindon and Gloucester Co-op;  Wallis Companies
Partners include: AccentureDiscover Financial ServicesHypercomIBMNCR VeriFone ;  Cub Foods ;  Ingenico;  MTXEPS;  Piggly Wiggly Carolina ;  Retalix USA ;  StoreNext Retail Technologies

Rounds: 4
Recent fundings: Jan 2006   Oct 2005
Capital raised: 240.0M
Last Round: 60.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Farallon Capital ManagementMobius Venture CapitalRembrandt Venture PartnersThe Yucaipa Companies;  Global Trust Partners;  Och-Ziff Capital Management;  Plainfield Asset Management;  Quince Associates;  Scout Capital;  UBS Securities
Angels/other VCs: Gordon P. Getty (Gordon P. Getty Family Trust)

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Record updated: Nov 2007
Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 2002
Rounds: 4
Recent fundings: Jan 2006   Oct 2005
Capital raised: 240.0M
Last Round: 60.0M
Ownership: Private