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Grouply  Acquired by Oodle (2010  amount undisclosed)

495 Seaport Court, Suite 103
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 568-9824
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Alan Yilun Shang (VP Engineering);  Yu Fan (Architect);  Glenn Wichman (Lead Web Developer)
Advisory board: David Teten (Nitron Circle of Experts Managing Director);  Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn CTO) Jeff Stoddard (Yahoo! Former General Manager);  Chander Sarna (Friendster VP Engineering) Jeff Clavier (Uncork Capital)

Business description: Grouply allows you to access all your existing online groups such as Yahoo Groups and Google Groups in one place. Users of traditional email lists and message board systems complain of “information overload” as they wade through an overwhelming amount of “group spam” to find just a few messages of interest. With Grouply, you can stay current with your groups in 80% less time using the Grouply Daily Smart Digest™, cross-group calendars, alerts, weekly newsletters, intelligent filtering, and other features. Grouply converts simple email lists and message boards into vibrant and interactive social networks. Grouply users can quickly find out what’s popular, who likes what they like, and who is contributing most to the community. And group leaders gain insight into the interests of the group. Online groups like email lists, bulletin boards, and forums are the original online social networks. Unfortunately, they haven’t evolved with the times, and today we find that they are as time consuming as ever to use and lack the social features that have made newer sites like Facebook and MySpace so engaging. Grouply is a free service that provides you a better way to keep up and interact with your existing online groups. Each day you receive a Smart Digest™ that includes all the messages across all your groups, highlighting what’s interesting to you and hiding what’s not. On the Grouply website you can search across all your groups at once and see a cross-group event calendar and other interesting summaries. Grouply adds a social layer that helps group members get to know each other better, discover the most popular conversations, and build the community within the group.

Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Mar 2009
Capital raised: 2.9M
Last Round: 2.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Oodle (2010  amount undisclosed)
Angels/other VCs: Jeff Clavier (SofTech VC);  Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)

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Record updated: May 2009
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2006
Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Mar 2009
Capital raised: 2.9M
Last Round: 2.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Oodle (2010  amount undisclosed)