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GlanceGuide  Acquired by The Nielsen Company (2010  amount undisclosed )

2370 Watson Court #210
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Indra Mohan (CEO) Kevin O'Donnell (VP Operations);  Desikan Jagannathan (CTO & VP Engineering);  Thomas Jasek (VP Marketing)

Business description: GlanceGuide offers a hosted service for Web Video Analytics. Our company is a blend of successful entrepreneurs with a proven track record in business intelligence and analytics, and industry experts in web media. The GlanceGuide service captures every event when a viewer watches a video with a media player. These events are captured, processed, stored in our data warehouse, and analyzed with our statistical engine. Clients look at reports on video and ad usage using their myGlanceGuide web page. Reports include dashboards, standardized reports with interactive querying, and customized reports. Our service has been custom designed for video, and this focus provides a deeper level of understanding of what viewers are doing. GlanceGuide helps clients make decisions on how to optimize and better monetize their video content and ad assets. We calculate an engagement score for a single, comprehensive number to measure how your videos are performing. We weight factors such as how much the viewer is paying attention, interacting with the player, sharing the video with their friends, and how often they return to view more videos. GlanceGuide’s advanced architecture can provide real-time reports up to the minute. Our real-time architecture and engagement scoring enable you to better target your ads and content. We remove the delays in getting the right content to the right viewers.
Customers include: ;
Partners include: Brightcove thePlatform

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Record updated: May 2010
Sector: Internet
Ownership: Acquired by The Nielsen Company (2010  amount undisclosed )