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Tickle  Acquired by Tickle (2004 $ 93,900,000)

222 Sutter Street 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: David Steinberger (VP Sales)
Outside board: Andrew Anker (August Capital)
Board observer: David Hornik (August Capital)

Business description: Well, actually, Tickle is not about's about you! Your personality, your interests, and your fun. Emode is the #1 destination for self-discovery. We've served up more tests than any other site. We're the only company with a technology infrastructure that makes it easy for people to share and compare their results. And our graphics and content are second to none. Why are our tests so successful? Because they are both entertaining and insightful. Members can store their results in their own private, secure account where information can be modified or deleted at any time. We've built Emode to be entertaining, simple, and — dare we say it — meaningful. After all, life is a journey. We want to help people explore it. With a service that moves, inspires, and connects people, Emode is a refuge from the daily grind. Our newsletters offer the only personality targeted media in the world. Millions of people have subscribed to receive our weekly newsletter. Emode is where you want to go to feel whole, connected, and engaged with others in the amusing and often mysterious journeys of life.

Rounds: 1
Ownership: Acquired by Tickle (2004 $ 93,900,000)
VCs include: August CapitalNFX

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Record updated: Sep 2005
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 1999
Rounds: 1
Ownership: Acquired by Tickle (2004 $ 93,900,000)