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ServerEngines  Acquired by EMC (2010 $ 159,000,000)

209 N. Fair Oaks Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Raju Vegesna (President/CEO);  sai Gadiraju (VP Engineering);  Sujith Arramreddy (CTO)

Business description: ServerEngines is a privately funded Silicon Valley startup that has been operating in stealth mode for over three years, developing silicon solutions that will make next year's servers and a new class of clients a lot more powerful than the ones available today. We have almost 200 engineers and technicians operating out of development centers in Sunnyvale CA, Austin TX and Hyderabad, India. ServerEngines is very much a restart of ServerWorks; a maker of Intel-based server chipsets that was started in the mid-1990's and was subsequently sold to Broadcom in 2001. In 2003, ServerWorks CEO Raju Vegesna, left Broadcom and began deciding what his next company would be. In early 2004, Raju and the other two founders of ServerWorks, Sujith Arramreddy, CTO, and Sai Gadiraju, VP of Engineering, founded ServerEngines and funded the company themselves. The goal was to leverage industry trends of network storage fabric convergence, virtualization, and server and client feature integration as semiconductor line widths continue to shrink. We see an opportunity to fundamentally upgrade the traditional client/server computing architecture. Many members of our team worked together at Ross Technology and ServerWorks for over a dozen years before founding ServerEngines.
Customers include: Intel
Partners include: Egenera Emulex

Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Mar 2010
Capital raised: 2.2M
Last Round: 2.2M
Ownership: Acquired by EMC (2010 $ 159,000,000)

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Record updated: Jun 2010
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2006
Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Mar 2010
Capital raised: 2.2M
Last Round: 2.2M
Ownership: Acquired by EMC (2010 $ 159,000,000)