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Elastic Intelligence  Acquired by Intuit (2013  amount undisclosed)

1422 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(800) 775-8731
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Neil Blumenfield (SVP Operations & Customer Success) Chris Maloney (VP Development Operations & Chief Architect)
Outside board: Joseph Addiego (Alsop Louie Partners Partner) Dan Buckstaff (CAP-Idea Partner);  Roger J Sippl (Elastic Intelligence Chairman)

Business description: Elastic Intelligence hosts a variety of easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools that take the place of the query languages, report writers, connectivity software and other capabilities that you expect from inside the firewall. With Demand Reports – our SaaS reporting solution – it’s easy to securely connect, extract, and analyze information from your hosted applications. A growing number of enterprise applications are moving into the SaaS model. It’s time for business intelligence to make the move with them. With Demand Reports, you don’t need to build your own report writers or advanced tools like dashboard builders and data warehouses. Demand Reports will do this for you, starting with a hosted end-user report designer and then building and hosting an expanding set of business intelligence products as your requirements grow and change. We’ve already invested the many developer years required to build both the end-user reporting interfaces and the components needed to seamlessly integrate with your SaaS application. The Demand Reports platform was built from the first line of code to be a scalable, multi-tenant SaaS solution that is readily integrated into the user interface of ANY SaaS solution. We jointly integrate around three “touch points” between your SaaS application and the Demand Reports site for data access, single sign-on (SSO) and user interface (UI) integration.
Partners include: Pivotstream ;  Sererra Consulting Group

Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Nov 2010
Capital raised: 3.4M
Last Round: 3.4M
Ownership: Acquired by Intuit (2013  amount undisclosed)
VCs include: Alsop Louie Partners;  CAP-Idea

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Record updated: Jun 2013
Sector: Software
Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Nov 2010
Capital raised: 3.4M
Last Round: 3.4M
Ownership: Acquired by Intuit (2013  amount undisclosed)