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Management: Soso Sazesh (co-Founder)
Advisory board: Gokul Rajaram (Meta product director) David E. Weekly (PBworks CEO) Hiten Shah (KissMetrics President) Nish Nadaraja (Yelp Editor-in-Chief) Carlos Whitt (Adku Software Developer)

Business description: Circl closes the loop between online marketing and in-store visits and then optimizes and automates marketing campaigns across mobile, email, and social media to drive more in-store visits. Local merchants are bad at online marketing because they don't know what drives in-store visits, so they don't know where to focus their efforts. Connect the Dots Between Online Marketing and In-Store Purchases. Circl makes it easy to convert and track your email lists and social media audiences from online engagement to in-store purchases.

Ownership: Private  

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Record updated: Dec 2012
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2012
Ownership: Private