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Business description: Hangtime, Inc., the company intent on upgrading your social life, launched the first and only app that maps friends’ social future, eliminating the millions of missed opportunities to be with friends. With Hangtime, individuals can easily see friends’ social future – from concerts to poetry readings and more – so they can find new ways to hang out together. Hangtime is available on the iPhone, Facebook and other mobile devices, Hangtime gives users plenty of time to discover friends’ plans and join in activities that interest them most. Hangtime solves the problem with current apps that rely on check-ins and location sharing. By the time a friend sees a check-in or gets an alert a friend is nearby, it’s usually too late to change plans. This generates millions of missed opportunities and lots of frustration. Hangtime eliminates this frustration by automatically creating a map of friends’ social future so users have plenty of time to change plans to be with friends.

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Record updated: Mar 2013
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2011
Ownership: Private