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701 Gateway Blvd. #230
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Steve Wakefield (VP Operations);  Eric Goldman (Business Development) Kai Yu (VP Engineering);  Julie Bacon (VP Marketing);  David Charlton (VP Sales & Marketing);  Larry Fleming (VP Sales);  Michelle Smith (VP Sales);  Bob Winters (VP Sales & Business Development)
Outside board: Sonja Hoel Perkins (Menlo Ventures) Harry Lambert (InnoCal);  Peter Moran (DCM Ventures) Alex Rosen (Sprout Group) Mike Simmons (IPNet Solutions)

Business description: As the technology leader in Enterprise Incentive and Recognition, Bravanta enables Fortune 2000 companies to drive performance and achieve results through its Sales Edge™ and Performance Edge™ programs. The proven combination of Bravanta's industry-leading technology, performance services, inspiring awards and knowledge leadership enable companies to track performance against strategic business goals and quickly identify and reward high-performing individuals using a single end-to-end solution. By leveraging the proprietary technology infrastructure Bravanta Edge™, Bravanta's applications take the proven results of sales-focused incentive programs and extend them across the entire enterprise. .
Customers include: Charles SchwabChevronComdisco VenturesCompaqGatewayHambrechtAndQuistHPIntuitMasterCardVerizon Wireless;  British Airways;  Hewitt;  Liberty Mutual;  L'Oreal
Partners include: American Express Incentive ServicesIntuitMotiva;;

Rounds: 3
Recent fundings: Apr 2002
Capital raised: 46.2M
Last Round: 11.4M
Ownership: Private  

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Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 1999
Rounds: 3
Recent fundings: Apr 2002
Capital raised: 46.2M
Last Round: 11.4M
Ownership: Private