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Management: Kelley Steven-Waiss (CEO) Lisa Jo Landsberg (Head, Business Development) Nancy Bush (CFO) Jai Jaisimha (CTO) Tabetha Hinman (COO and General Counsel) Leela Gill (Chief Customer Officer)
Outside board: William Elmore (Handshake Ventures General Partner)

Business description: Hitch is an end-to-end talent operating platform, built and road-tested for and by large enterprises. It is a platform for creating a dynamic talent and skill mobility ecosystem within your company. Hitch is a SaaS solution for Internal Talent Mobility. We help companies become more adaptive and innovative by connecting the right talent with the right tasks or roles based on employee skills, experiences, career goals and location. Hitch matches the skills and passions of your people with organizational needs so that business opportunities – whether project-based or full-time – can be resourced from within. This internal marketplace creates a culture of learning, growth and engagement where people feel valued and the organization achieves greater productivity and performance while retaining its most valuable talent asset.
Customers include: ACT ARM ;  Dolby ;  Here Networks and Regent Entertainment Media

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Record updated: Sep 2020
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 2019
Ownership: Private