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Quest Venture Partners

Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Andrew Ogawa (Managing Partner) Marcus Ogawa (Managing Partner); Marcus Ogawa
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Quest Venture Partners believes in entrepreneurialism and the magnificent achievements the right team of individuals can accomplish. We invest in early stage companies with great ideas, and even greater people behind them. We typically are the first institutional money in, investing between $100k-$1.5mm, with our sweet spot being around $500k. We believe a successful startup must excel in these six points and more: •Surrounds itself with the best and the brightest of ambitious, dedicated and passionate people; the best give the expertise and experience needed, the brightest will always find innovative solutions and the ambition & passion will give the courage required to pick yourself up when you fail. •Understands that it will, baring incredible luck, likely fail catastrophically at some point and is always planning for this. •Has the patience, courage, conviction, and irrational faith to persevere even when there are better alternatives in the market and when the going gets tough. •Recognizes a significant and genuine market pain. Provides a cost-effective and adoptable solution to an undiscovered need or problem that exists and is better than any present, emerging or conceivable alternatives. •Knows how to successfully market and monetize their solution. Validates their market pain and monetization plan by lining up potential customers for their solution early on. •Executes, executes, and executes. Makes sure to do the right things and to do things right. Thomas Edison is known to have said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” He is also known to have said “There is no substitute for hard work.” If you feel your startup qualifies for many of the above and you are looking for investors, please get an introduction to us and we will happily meet with you, review, and offer feedback as we consider your business for investment. When reading our list of criteria for successful startups, did you feel something was missing or that you disagree? Jump in the conversation and share your thoughts.
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Communications;  FinTech;  Internet;  Manufacturing;  Medical;  Software;  VC

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