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300 Brannan Street Suite 308
San Francisco, CA 94107
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Kristen Ostro (Director of Operations) Beth Scheer (Head of Talent)
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At Homebrew we believe in a Bottom Up Economy, the idea that technology is now helping individuals and small businesses drive economic growth and innovation. For many decades, the cost, complexity and rigidity of technology limited its power and benefits to large corporations - a Top Down Economy. Today, we’re in the midst of a transformation where technology is increasingly accessible enough, cheap enough and flexible enough to empower individuals and small teams. Teams of 5, 50 or 500 can compete with organizations tens or hundreds of times their size or create entirely new markets with innovative products and services. The Bottom Up Economy. It’s not about a particular industry or business model. A company could be helping a comedian sell her videos direct to fans or turning complex technology into an API. It could be helping local retailers amass and manage their customer lists or a graphic designer find project work from a client halfway around the world. That said, categories of companies included in the Bottom Up Economy are software-as-a-service for small business, API-based platforms, vertical marketplaces, direct-to-consumer businesses/services and peer or collaborative economies. These types of companies often have key characteristics that we look for in our investments: strong network effects, rich data assets, inherently viral growth vectors and long-term defensibility. f you’re building a startup for the Bottom Up Economy please come chat with us. If you want to work at a Bottom Up Economy, let us know. Want to discuss how the Bottom Up Economy is going to change your existing successful company? Yup, contact us. Interested in debating our thinking - actually, especially if you want to debate - please get a hold of us.
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AgTech;  Communications;  Consumer;  FinTech;  Food & Beverage;  Hardware;  Healthcare;  Information Technology;  Internet;  Legal;  Medical;  Professional Services;  Security;  Software;  VC;  Vehicles & Transportation

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