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Initialized Capital

San Francisco, CA
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Alda Leu Dennis (General Partner) Brett Gibson (Partner) Katelin Holloway (Partner) Alina Libova (Partner) Scott Moss (Principal) Andrew Sather (Principal) Parul Singh (Partner) Kat Steinmetz (Principal) Harjeet Taggar (Partner) Garry Tan (Managing Partner) Jennifer Wolf (President) Kim-Mai Cutler (Operating Partner, Marketing) ; Alda Leu Dennis Brett Gibson Garry Tan
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Business Description

Initialized Capital is a San Francisco-based early stage venture capital firm with over $700M in assets under management. We're early investors in Coinbase, Instacart, Cruise, Rippling, Opendoor, and more — $200B+ in market value. We're founders and builders who are here to help others like us build meaningful businesses. We focus on investing in high-potential software startups at seed stage and earlier, and are happy to be the first investors in early teams run by great engineers, designers and product founders. We've helped more founders build startups at the earliest possible stage than most anyone you'll meet, and that means we can help startups avoid the 1,000 landmines that can cause certain failure. It certainly won't guarantee success (as we all know there's no such thing in startups) but at the seed stage we've seen many cases where having the right investors will improve your chances significantly. In the end, we started this firm to help people like ourselves build companies that matter. A lot of great investors, advisors, founders, and friends have helped us along the way. We're just here to pay it forward.
Investments Sectors

Biotech;  Communications;  Consumer;  Digital Media & Entertainment;  E-Commerce;  Education;  FinTech;  Food & Beverage;  Healthcare;  Human Resources;  Information Services;  Information Technology;  Internet;  Legal;  Medical;  PropertyTech;  Shipping & Logistics;  Software;  Storage;  VC;  Vehicles & Transportation

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